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While it may be considered to be a plus point of car keys, being smaller can also be one of their biggest drawback; they can easily be lost. Very often, we find people complaining how they lost their car keys. It may so happen that you lose your car remote, but it’s less likely to happen as it is larger as compared to a set of smaller keys. And sometimes, it so happens, that your key gets lost somewhere in your wallet or purse, and you are very well stranded in a crowded place, locked out of your very own car.

Controllers can save you a lot of effort. All that hassle over putting in a car key and unlocking your car can sometimes prove to be a job too tedious for our exhausted body. Why fret over all that action when you can accomplish the same by the click of a single button? This is why most people find it convenient to go for a keyless approach.

You’d do well to remember technology knows no bounds. Not only can you now lock/unlock your car using a remote controller, there are a lot of other options available too. For example, you can unlock the trunk and sound the horn to help you find the vehicle in the event you can’t remember exactly where you parked. And the most astounding one; starting your car’s engine is now only one click away. This system is installed in the latest cars, saving you the very trouble of starting your car up!